Keep Your Automower Performing Like New: Service Every Year

Keep Your Automower Performing Like New: Service Every Year

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your Automower® stop during the peak grass growing period, leaving your lawn to grow uncontrolled whilst you wait for your Automower® to get serviced.

In order to prepare for the growing season ahead, Husqvarna recommends that your Automower® undergoes a “Winter Service” to ensure that the mower is fully ready for the season ahead and to avoid breakdowns when least required. From general cleaning to replacing parts as and when needed, here are the main things and your Husqvarna Servicing Dealer will service for you.

What Does The Yearly Service Include?

Annual Automower® services help extend your robot mower’s life and help prevent any unplanned expenses due to hidden damage. When taking your Automower® to a service centre, you can expect it to receive:

  • Software updates to the latest releases
  • An Autotest (electronic diagnostic test)
  • Check logbook for error codes
  • A battery functionality test
  • Replacement of grommets and O-rings
  • Tilt, collision and lift sensor cleaning & testing
  • Cleaning/replacement of ventilation filter
  • Safety functions and overall functional test
  • Complete battery charging
  • Changing of your Automower® blades
  • Thorough cleaning and maintenance of your Automower®

Once completed, your service centre will give you a detailed service report covering all and any needed maintenance and repairs.

Thorough Annual Cleaning Tasks

It’s essential to have at least one professional service performed each year to ensure your Automower® is working at its best. A professional clean involves:

  • Remove the Automower® body and clean the chassis
  • Clean the ultrasound sensors and headlights
  • Carefully clean the ventilation filter with a soft brush
  • Inspect blades and blade screws, clean with a soft brush
  • Clean the charging station and check for any cracks or splits
  • Polish mower and charging station plates with a fine-grade emery cloth

Annual Checks and Inspections 

When it comes to the inspection of internal components, only your servicing Husqvarna dealer has the diagnostic tools and knowledge needed to perform it correctly. For this reason, it’s best to leave these inspections for your local service centre.

  • Check Automower® cables and connectors on the charging strip
  • Check cutting height adjustment rubber bellows
  • Check the rubber gaiters on the front collision column
  • Check the rubber gaiters on the rear collision column
  • Check chassis wire bushings by inspecting all of the rubber seals that lead into the chassis
  • Check the tightening torque of the chassis screws, especially around the collision columns and lift sensor
  • Check skid plate and skid plate bearings, ensuring the plate can rotate freely and that the ball bearing makes no noise
  • Check that docking and charging both works properly
  • Perform a battery test and then fully charge the battery before storing it for winter
  • Check for any service messages and software updates
  • Perform an Autotest of all main components

Tri-Yearly Checks and Maintenance

Tri-yearly checks may need to be performed in professional use settings. Your local Husqvarna service centre will be able to take care of these tasks for you and will check for issues at each annual check.

  • Replace the ventilation filter with a new one.
  • Check and grease front wheel bearings.
  • Open the chassis and replace all of the sealing strips.
  • Change the front collision column gaiters.

Start Your Journey Toward Easier Lawn Care

Whether you’re a homeowner or run a professional lawn care business, the Automower® simplifies lawn care and breathes new life into old lawns with minimal effort. Discover the full range of Automower® robotic lawnmowers today to find your perfect lawn care hero and get ready to enjoy a beautiful lawn come rain or shine.